Size 8 - Griffin Silk Beading Cord with Attached Needle, 1 Packet (6.56 Feet) 20 Different Colors to Choose From - (GSC84)

Summerland Beads


Griffin Silk Beading Cord is the most popular choice for tying knots between pearls or where you want the thread to be showing in a design. It is the ultimate silk beading cord because it is supple and strong and comes in wide variety of colors.

It comes with a twisted stainless steel needle at the end which saves threading time! Doubling the thread is unnecessary, and the cord can be easily knotted because the thread has the correct twist.

Material: 100% Natural Silk
Size: 8 (0.80mm)
Quantity: 1, 2 Meter (6.56 Feet) Card
Origin: Made in Germany
Other: The listing is for 1 pack of Griffin silk cord in Size no. 8. Please use the drop down menu to add the colors and quantities you need.