8mm Natural Fossil Polished Round Gemstone Beads, Half Strand (INDOC473)

Summerland Beads


These creamy fossil beads are made of pieces of broken shell that have rested in a bed of mud for thousands of years that have slowly transformed over time into these beautiful fossil stones.

Product Details
Material: Natural Fossil
Shape: Round
Cut: Smooth - Polished
Size: 8mm
Color: Light Beige
Quantity: Half Strand (About 22-24 Loose Beads)

 I will  ship them strung if an even number is ordered. If an odd number is ordered,  the odd amount may be strung or shipped loosely in a zip lock bag.

Since these are gemstone beads they may not be perfectly round. No strand is exactly the same as another. The pictures are a good representation of what you will receive but may not be the exact ones as shown in the photos.