Buffalo Horn Pendant - 30X37mm Carved Tribal Spade Pendant, 1 Piece (INDOC25)

Summerland Beads


These genuine pendants are made from recycled buffalo horn. The chemical composition of horn is like human hair. It has been used for ages for making drinking horns, combs, hair pins, clips, beads, pendants, smoking pipes, shoe horns, optical frames, cutlery, golf tees, bowls and trays, handicrafts, sword parts, archery, jewellery, guitar picks, door knobs and handles and so much more!

Product Details
Material: Buffalo Horn
Shape: Spade
Size: Approximately 30-37mm
Drill Hole: Top (These are drilled horizontally at the top of the stem.)
Color: Dark Coffee Brown & Creamy Off White
Other: Due to the handcrafted nature of the item, each one may vary slightly from the photograph.
Quantity: 1 Piece