1.5mm Dark Green Chinese Nylon Knotting Cord For Knotting, Braiding & Macrame, 16.4 FT Spool (IND1C490)

Summerland Beads

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Chinese Knotting Cord is a round cord made from nylon that is braided, not twisted. It has a core cord running through its center which helps to give the cord its stiffness and maintain its round shape. It has a beautiful grip to it, holds the knots tightly and its ends can be sealed with a flame or thread burner.

It is most often used for macrame and making Shamballa bracelets. The 1.5mm is a great thickness for Shamballa bracelets!

Product Details
Size: 1.5mm (0.059 in)
Color: Dark Green
Material: Nylon
Origin: Made in China
Quantity: 16.4 ft (5m) Spool