When will my order ship?
 Shipping is 1-2 business days from receipt of payment, unless there is a disruption in internet or electrical service, or other circumstance beyond our control.

Do you have a showroom or retail location?
  No, Summerland Beads is an online shop only.

Do you have a printed catalog?
 No, our online store serves as Summerland Beads' only catalog.

Do you charge sales tax?
 No. There is currently no sales tax in the state of Oregon.
 Summerland Beads is not responsible for international tariffs, custom fees or local taxes at point of destination.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Are my credit card orders secure?
 Yes. Your full credit card details are not available to our store or Shopify. PCI compliance requires this to be true. Paypal and Stripe both use industry standard security.

Do I need to sign up for an account to purchase from Summerland Beads?
 No. Accounts are optional.  You will have the option to create an account at the end of the checkout process.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
 We keep our prices low and comparable to some bead wholesalers. For this reason we usually do not discount any further, though we do have sales from time to time.

I only need 3 beads for my project, is it possible to buy just what I need?
  At this time we do not sell beads by the piece but we do offer many gemstone beads of size 8mm or larger by the half strand. Some of the more expensive beads that are less than 8mm may be sold in smaller packs as well.

Do the gemstone beads come strung?
  It depends on the item.  We always try to send beads strung when we can but if you only order a half strand of gemstone beads they will probably arrive loose.  Please read all item details prior to placing your order. It will vary by the item.

How long is a half strand and how many beads come on a half strand?
 It will vary.  A full strand of gemstone beads can average around 14-16 inches long. Since many gemstone beads are sold by the half strand we strongly advise you to read the product title and details. On all the listings we have included strand lengths and/or quantities that you will receive.

I ordered 2 half strands, will you ship me a full strand?
 Yes, we will always send you the full strand if you order 2 or more half strands of the same item. (example: if you order 7, half strands: We will ship you 3 full strands and 1 half strand. We will always send you beads strung when possible.)

Can I order more than what is showing in the store?
 Probably, please email us and let us know what items you need more of.  For most of the items we do have more quantities available.

Do you do back-orders?
  No. Everything that you order is available and ready to ship in 1-2 business days, unless there is a stocking error. If we do not have the item you ordered we will contact you and either issue you a refund for the item you ordered or allow you to make changes to the order before it is shipped.