Caring For Your Handmade Jewelry - A Basic Guide

Below are several helpful tips to help keep your beaded jewelry beautiful for many years.

To help your handmade jewelry last a long time, and hopefully for a lifetime, the first lesson to learn is common sense. You should never sleep, shower, bathe, do dishes, or swim with your jewelry on. Also, it is best not to wear your jewelry while exercising. Sweat can dull your gemstones and the beads or components could chip or crack. Put your jewelry on after you have applied beauty products such as perfume, makeup, hair spray etc. Repeated exposure to chemicals can damage your jewelry.

Store your jewelry either lying flat or hanging straight to prevent any kinks from damaging it. Try to keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight as it can cause stones to fade over time. Plastic bags are wonderful for protecting jewelry.

Special Care of Gemstone Jewelry
 Natural gemstones are often treated to improve their appearance. To ensure that your jewelry remains beautiful for years to come, wipe your gemstone beads with a soft damp cloth after wearing. This will enhance the luster and clean the jewelry before it is stored. Also do not expose gemstones to harsh chemicals such as chlorine or soaps. Do not use jewelry cleaner on gemstones as it will cause damage to it. Store your gemstone jewelry in a clean dry place.