Wolf Paw Bottle - 45X38mm Double Sided High Fired Pendant Vessel For Oils, Diffuser, Ashes, Perfume, 1 Piece, (IND3C499)

Summerland Beads


These high fired pendant vessels are a natural off-white finish with brown shading, for an unglazed look. They have large holes to accommodate your favorite stringing material or cord. They will come with small corks to contain your precious ashes, perfumes, spell oils or potion. Because of the hand-crafted nature and process in which these bottles are made each one may vary in color or texture. Each one is unique and beautiful!

Product Details
Material: High Fired Ceramic
Shape: Paw (The image is on both sides.)
Size: Approximately 45X38mm
Hole: Approximately 3mm
Quantity: 1 Piece