Czech Glass Beads - Round Druk Beads

These beautiful Czech Glass Beads are made in the Czech Republic. The creation of Druk beads is an old cottage industry. They are made by hand in small quantities by skilled craftsmen.

Druk beads are made with a long rod of colored glass that is heated in a gas furnace until it is red hot.  It is then placed into a press.  It is quickly pressed into a mold. At the same time a needle is inserted to create the stringing hole.  Since the rod cools quickly only a few beads can be pressed at a time.  The bead maker will alternate between multiple heated glass canes so they can produce beads continuously.

As the glass is slowly cooling, it moves into a holding container. The beads will then go through a couple stages of tumbling to break the beads apart and to smooth out imperfections.

The result is a beautiful glass bead that has the feel of vintage and the beauty of a gemstone.